Saturday Morning Flashback-Star Trek


star trek animated - 109 once upon a planet

What a delightful day to picnic with a two headed dragon.

Once upon a planet


What’s this about? The Enterprise is returning to the planet from the original series episode “Shore Leave” for uh well shore leave. Ah, trees, grass, sun but then a bunch of cards try to kill Dr. McCoy and a robot thingiemajigger captures Uhura and takes her to the center of the planet. A landing party goes to to investigate Uhura’s disappearance and try to figure out what is going on upon the planet. They find that the caretaker has died so they assume that computers are now running the joint and they are correct. As the main computer talks mean to Uhura and…it..talks…in..a…robotic…computer..voice. The computer is unhappy and thinks it should wipe out people including the Enterprise crew and then it should search for computer playmates. Meanwhilet the planet computer is causing lots of problems on all the systems on the Enterprise including keeping them from sendig out a shuttle and screwing with the ship’s gravity. On the planet Spock plays dead to get a robot to take him to the planet’s control in hopes of finding Uhura. Kirk manages to follow Spock, but slow pokes Sulu and McCoy don’t make it time and have to run from a dragon instead aieeeeee! Kirk and Spock tell the riled up, sour computer that hey, it’s all good computers and people can work together. Then lit a campfir and sang songs together. Okay maybe that last line didn’t quite happen but the computer agrees not kill everyone and to be nice once again. All is settled and roll the animated credits.


I said don’t go squeezin’ the Charmin, lady!

The negatives-Shore Leave is my favorite episode of the original series. This sequel of sorts firstly just kind of copies the basi idea of the original, it takes away much of the joy, kills off the caretaker and replaces the idea of seeign glimpses of crew member’s thoughts with a weak story about a contrary computer.

The positives-The story is weak. However the supporting cast-Sulu, Uhura, M’ress and Arex all get more lines and screen time than normal. Unfortunately Uhura is just the damsel is distress. Plus we even see not one but two African-American crewmembers-one as helmsman and one in engineering. It’s always good to see different crewmembers working besides the usual faces. I also liked the brief glimpse of the shuttle bay where we saw some different kinds of shuttles.

Animated oddities-McCoy’s stripes have him as a commander for just about the whole episode. The biggest oddity is late in the episode we see the African-American helmman at the helm next to Arex at navigation, a second later we see Sulu at helm next to Arex and then another second later it’s back to the first pair and this happens when Sulu is still on the planet.

Overall a rather okay but unspectacular episode. The writing should have been better.

Poster Postings-Dracula has risen from the grave


Here is the American one sheet for the 1968 Hammer film Dracula has risen from the grave.


Band aids!



It’s an okay poster. I prefer artwork with Christopher Lee as Drac. I got this for about $8 maybe 13 years ago. It has some stains here and there, but it’s in overall alright shape.

Poster Postings-Land of the Minotaur AKA:The Devil’s Men



Here is an example of a good poster for a very bad movie. The 1976 joint UK/Greek production Land of the minotaur was a complete disaster and it’s terribly dull. Even Peter Cushing couldn’t save it. This one sheet cost me about $7 probably 12 years ago. Some doofus put pin holes around the minotaur’s head and there is cracking around the creases, but still worth what I paid for it.