Creeping Terror AKA: The Crawling Monster and Dangerous Charter

creeping terror 03


A film starring Vic Savage, produced by Vic Savage, directed by Vic Savage, edited by Vic Savage (are you seeing the trend here). Really not a lot of use in listing who’s in this because…

A)they didn’t do much else

B)there’s a narrator over the bulk of the film so no one has many lines

C)No in there right mind should be proud of having been part of this film.


Things I learned from this film.

1) If you see a crashed rocket from another world your sheriff shouldn’t crawl into it right away.

2) Calling the military over an alien rocket landing will cause them to send 10 soldiers and an expert all the way from England.

3)It’s best not to tell the citizens that a people eating creature may be roaming around loose even if it means dozens of deaths.

4) It’s okay for the top law official in town to make out with his wife in a car even during a monster on the loose situation.

5)Young people may start up a hootenanny at any minute.

6) The local dance hall has crappy exits should a large monster show up.

7)A monster inside a rocket roars like a lion.

8)Officers in small towns frequently drink while on duty during monster outbreaks and within hours after their sheriff was killed by a monster.

9)If army soldiers stand real close during a monster attack they will likely all get killed.

10)Monsters from outer space can look they were made out of scrap material from a tacky dress shop only with vacum hoses sticking out of their mouths.


It’s a..a…a…yeah, I  have no idea.

The negatives-It’s a mess of bad ideas one after the other with a low budget to boot. Never use a narrator instead of actors. I understand they may be inexperienced, but in these movies I say give everyone a chance. Even a bad performance would be more interesting than a monotone narration. The monster is really cheap and they don’t try to hide it in the shadows or with just showing partial shots as instead they show the whole thing in long, slow shots.

The positives-The first half hour is slow, but hand in there and you will be rewarded with a very funny film. Overstays it’s welcome some and they try too hard to explain everything, but it’s humorous.



There’s a monster in town so let’s twist again.