The Barbarians coming to DVD


I don’t normally announce DVD releases because I leave that for sites that always deliver that kind of news. However I was at Amazon and stumbled upon the news that 1987 film The Barbarians is getting a release on DVD next month along with the 1978 Lee Majors film The Norseman (which I never seen). I remember seeing a short article on The Barbarians when it came out in 1987 and figured it had to be a great and wonderful piece of crap. I didn’t see it until it showed up on TV one afternoon around 95 or 96. It was horrible yet great and way over the top, but that was the only time I ever saw it. Yet here it is just weeks away from coming out on DVD. I can’t wait!

The Raiders of Atlantis



Christopher Connelly as Mike a Vietnam Vet turned baddie who eventually turns good again sort of. He was perhaps best known for his role in Peyton Place. He was in a lot of tv shows and films in the 70’s and 80’s. He died from cancer at just 48 in 1988.

Tony King as Mohammed/Washington-Mike’s friend and partner in crime. King breifly played for the Buffalo Bills in the late 60’s He was in a few films including Shaft and The toy, but eventually got into the security business.

There’s a bunch of other people running around shooting and getting blown up.

Trick or treat

What’s this about? A bunch on nonsense goes on and eventually poof part of Atlantis pops up. Hey these guys appear to have seen The Warriors, The Road Warrior and Escape from New york because they are all rough, semi-punk rip you up gang type people. Our normal people are outnumbered and quickly find themselves fighting for their lives. Kapow go the explosions and krakakrakskraka go the guns because it’s an 80’s action film. The mean group seem to get killed quickly but they don’t care because they are descended from people from Atlantis and they are determined to rule over commoners from Miami and other places like that. The bad guy’s leader appears to be wearing something that looks like a cross between a fishbowl and a dollar store mask. Lots of people die, very few live and a bubble goes back over Atlantis in the end. Roll the credits.

The negatives-The story is thin and really it’s far more an action film than a sci-fi film. Originality is not this film’s strong point.

The positives-I hope you have not fled yet because although this film gets a lot of crap it has a lot of strong points. If you like 80’s action then there is a lot to like here. The main characters are likable enough. The action is non-stop as they just keep going from one crazy scene to another. This island Atlantis sure has lots of weapons and everything blows up or catches on fire very easily which all leads to a lot of fun. The stunt work is quite decent as well. People get set on fire quite often. Guys jump from a helicoptor onto a moving bus with ease and a couple of guys take some 15 feet dives into shallow water. Too many people dismiss this film quickly, but if you like 80’s action then it’s worth a shot. The director was Ruggero Deodato who is most known for Cannibal Holocaust (which I have never seen), but many of his films have a following so Raiders does have a cult following in some circles and it’s easy to see why.


Let’s just hang out here until an evil gang shows up.