Halloween costumes?


So every year for Halloween we go to a Halloween party at a fire hall near where my wife works. They have a costume contest with different categories. The kids had done individual ones in the past, but last year they wanted to do a group so my daughter went as a mad scientist and my son and I went as her monsters. So now Halloween 2013 is a mere three months away so it’s time to start figuring out costumes. We discussed the possibility of Despicable Me characters with me as Gru and them as minions, but my son doesn’t want me to shave the three hairs I have on my head. My son and I discussed giant monsters with Godzilla, Rodan, King Kong and Mothra all being possibilities, but my daughter wants nothing to do with those. The kids talked about going as Pokemon characters. I told them I’d do it, but it certainly would not be my first choice. So we are still searching for costume ideas.