Welcome to the middle of the movie


I remember in the 80’s and 90’s it would be a rainy Saturday I’d turn on the tube without consulting the tv guide. I didn’t look at the clock either as it would probably be 1:40 or 3:52 which means plop I landed right in the middle of a film. Sometimes I was content with that and would just watch what I could. As I got older I would get more frustrated by realizing that what I just came might be good, but I missed so much of it that I was missing the total movie experience and parts of the plot. What’s more frustrating that turning into the middle of the movie once? That’s right doing it more than once. Yeah, we had video stores, but normally once that afternoon was done and moved and didn’t think that much about the missed film until maybe years later when I decided it was tim finally see the whole thing.

Here are some films that looked promising that I never saw before but I remember turning into the middle of…

Big trouble in little China
Hawk the slayer
The black hole
Reno Williams-The adventure begins
The Gate