Sequels week is here

Oh,dear sequels week is here. Maybe it won’t be so bad. I changed around some of the films I’ll review so here’s what I am doing.

Critters 4 (just watched it so I’ll likely review that one first)
Friday the 13th part 3- You can wear 3D glasses when you read my review if you want if you think it will enhance the experience although I won’t be throwing anything at you except poorly written sentences.
Children of the damned

plus… something else about sequels as well. So get ready for films with more hype, more characters, less plot and worse acting or maybe some of them will actually be surprises.

Dr. Smith’s Insult of the week


Ah, yes another week and another opportunity for you to learn the fine art of insults from a master such as I. Spare me your dire doubts as I am truly an expert on this topic. This week’s insult shall be Silver-plated Sellout. A powerful one indeed so save it for just the proper occasion. Good day to you, sir or madam.