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These films should have had a sequel or another installment


Yes, I know some of you are probably thinking goodness there have been too many sequels. Perhaps, but it depends on the specific case because there are good sequels and there are rotten ones.
Here are some that I think should have had a sequel or another installment.

Ghostbusters-A third film has gone around the rumor mill for two decades. Honestly I don’t think the film will happen without Bill Murray and I don’t expect him to ever agree to it. I love the first film and yes I even admit to liking the second film. A third film would likely be poor, but I’d go see it and hope for the best.

Sword and the sorcerer-What that crappy film with the sword gun? Matt Houston and Frank from Murphy Brown as warriors? Yeah that movie. Well it was supposed to have a sequel they said so at the end of the film, but it never happened. I’m not saying they should do it now. The window of opportunity closed on this around 1985. However despite some flaws the first film was a likable fantasy film with a fair amount of action. I would have like to have seen what they would have done in a second installment.

Captain Kronos Vampire Hunter-This Hammer film about a traveling vampire killer was supposed have more films, but unfortunately it never came about. A shame because this was a fine film with a character and premise with some real potential.

Flash Gordon-I think the makers of this 1980 film hoped it would do well enough to call for another round of world saving. That didn’t happen. Maybe if this film had out two years sooner riding on the space opera hype of Star Wars perhaps it would have been better received and a sequel would have been made.

Starcrash-Awesome cornball space action film that doesn’t get the credit it deserves. It had a very European flavor and wasn’t so huge over here. A shame because I definitely would have loved to have seen a second installment.

***What films do you wish had gotten a sequel?

11 responses to “These films should have had a sequel or another installment

  1. There was a follow-up to Flash Gordon… It was called “Ted”.

  2. MojosWork

    LOVE Flash Gordon, and I love that Ted loves Flash Gordon. It’s the best we could have hoped for.

    I have always been a fan of Ghostbusters 2, and wish I could welcome a new entry to that series, by Fox murdered my X-Men and M. Night Shyamalan butchered Avatar with their shit movies, so I am dead inside.

  3. There actually was a pseudo sequel to The Sword and the Sorcerer a couple years ago called Tales of an Ancient Empire, but it starred Kevin Sorbo and Michael Paré so it didn’t count.

  4. I might have liked to have seen another Evil dead/AOD/Ash movie if it had been done say within 4-5 years after Army of darkness. Sam Raimi unfortunately wanted to do other crap films instead,

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