Upcoming stuff and junk

Hoping to review The legend of Boggy Creek today. Maybe a list of some sorts on Friday. Next week I’ll be away from Thursday through Saturday so I will only be writing a few days. Right now I know Dr. Smith will be by, maybe I’ll finally do another Poster Posting and hopefully reviews of Welcome to blood city and She Creature. Here’s some brief plans for the upcoming months

September-For September I may try to switch the focus to sci-fi and fantasy films a little just because I know I’ll be dedicating October to horror films. This month will see the debut of Mecha G’s Monster of the month column plus Dinosaur week will happen at some point.

October-Vampire Week will happen at some point plus Halloween memories from me as well as lots of horror movie reviews likely including Universal monsters, Hammer horror, maybe even a slasher film or two plus even some monster tv shows perhaps like the Munsters and Tales from the darkside.

As always Dr. Smith will be by weekly with insults and Zardoz will come by every now and then to deliver a funny.

Have a great week!