The legend of Boggy Creek



Who’s in this? Some people playing themselves and some playing others but not really anyone that did much else besides this.

What’s this about? This is refered to as a docudrama. So it’s documentary with people re-enacting or retelling events. In this film they are talking the monster of Boggy Creek or the Fouke monster. This is usually described as a bigfoot type creature that has been spotted many times since the 1930’s in the swampy area near Fouke, Arkansas. Fouke is the southwestern part of the state near where it borders Texas and Louisiana. So we get a bunch of short stories about people spotting monster on farms, in the woods and various other places. We also re-enactments complete with a shaggy form lurking far enough back that you can’t tell what it is. We even see a hairy arm reaching in a house to grab a guy while he’s on the potty. Man, you can’t even take a crap without a monster attacking you. That’s horrible. There’s some folk songs about the monster playing as we are shown scenes of the town and the swamp in between stories of sightings. Like any creature sightings related thingie you are going to have believers and non-beleivers. This film just compiles a bunch of sightings from people who are believers and throws it out there.

How can a nice town like this have a monster?

The negatives-Given the style of the film it’s fairly slow. It’s people talking and low budget recreations. So that is not going to be for eveeyone. Even though it was made in the 1970’s the narration seems kind of dated almost like it’s from the 50’s. I think part of that was to paint the town of Fouke as the kind of back in time kind of town.

The postives-When I was in college on Friday nights one year me and a friend watch this show about ghost sightings. A couple of months into it my friend got mad and went on this rant about the show never really finding a ghost or proof of a ghost and that made him not want to watch it again. My point being if you go into this film looking for proof and sensational footage you will be let down. However if you like legends and hearing accounts that hint at the posisibility of the existance of such a creature then you may be entertained. I definitely fall into that second group.

A site about the Fouke monster.

I see a shaggy carpet out there.