Four ways to spot a season three Star Trek episode


So fans of the original series of Star Trek all know that season three was the weakest season. There were good episodes like Day of the dove and the Tholian Web, but there was plenty of crap too. In fact most of Trek’s worst episodes come from this season. It’s not just the writing that suffered that season either. There were some slight changes and if you look closely the editing was very sloppy this time around. If you turn into the middle of an episode and for some reason you are not like me and have not seen every episode 100 times then look for these signs to see if it is a season three episode.

Kirk’s stomach– I don’t know if Kirk’s shirt shrunk or not although I expect not. Let’s just say that Kirk’s tummy is a bit more full in season three.

Scotty’s hair-In the first two seasons Scotty had a no-nonsense simple haistyle-combed down. Season three comes around and his hair all combed back like a semi-fancy guy who doesn’t want to get his hands dirty. A very-un Scotty like hair style indeed.

The reverse Kirk hairline part– Look closely during conversations when Kirk in involved particularly when the other person is speaking. You will frequently see shots of Kirk standing there, but look closely to see if the part in his hair and the insignia on his shirt are on the correct side. In season three they frequently used a reverse stock shot of Kirk for some reason on a number of occasions unless Shatner’s hair piece just had a mind of it’s own and jumped all around on his head.

The wrong people at the helm and navigator spots– What I am referring to here is you will see a shot of Kirk on the bridge from the front with someone at the helm and someone at the navigator spot. Then they switch the shot to be behind Kirk to show the planet on the screen. Whoa, wait a minute the backs of the helmsman and navigator show us different guys than the ones we saw from the front. Then they switch to a front shot and we see the navigator and helmsman from the first shot again. You will see Sulu’s back during an early season three episode when you know darn well he wasn’t in the episode because George Takei was off filming the Green Berets with John Wayne at the time. So they reused shots from the back from earlier episodes, but didn’t think anyone would notice that it was different guys. Now this was done during the first two seasons, but not nearly to the extent that it is done in season three.

So there you go.