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Bigfoot, Sasquatch and a Yeti in children’s fiction books




Don’t squish the saquatch-

The Sasquatch gets on the bus and doesn’t what anyone getting close to him. Various animals hop on this loony bus and eventually our title character lightens a bit on his stay away from me attitude.

Story- B

It’s sort of cute for little kids and has that repetition of repeating the title.


Simple, but large and colorful with an old style cartoon look. Not sure about a green sasquatch that has a frog looking head, but overall it’s pretty good.


The boy who cried bigfoot!

Yes, it’s the boy who cried wolf only with Bigfoot. The boy calls Bigfoot and people come only to see nothing. He pulls this trick once too often and no one comes when the real deal shows up and he’s actualy a nice Bigfoot. The boy is upset that no one comes and at the end he takes his camera out to get real evidence.


Adapting classic stories with a twist has been a trend for quite some time, but this one is just okay. Other than having Bigfoot in it there is not a whole lot else that makes it special. Other thn Bigfoot it’s kind of a dry book.


The illustrations have a simple sketch type look that I like, but the characters look a bit around the eyes and the dark colors  make things blend together more than I wish they did.

Worth a look for young bigfoot fans, but not one they’ll reach for a lot.


Yeti, turn out the light

Yeti wants to sleep but he keeps seeing scary shadows that turn out to be various woodland animal friends. It turns out all is okay because there is no monster lurking in the shadows. Yeti says goodbye to his woodland animal buddies and settles in for a long sleep in his bed.


It’s a simple there is nothing to be scared of tale with the twist being that the main character is a “monster” himself. It’s cute and havign the Yeti instead of a usual choice like a bear makes it unique.

Illustrations- A-

The illustrations have a very early 1960’s influence to them in shape, color and tones. The Yeti’s wild eyed look is set off by the large soft eyes of deer and other forest animals. Also make sure to scan the background of the Yeti’s house for cool photos and various items made out of wood. Obviously the Yeti is a master craftsman. A very fun book to look at and to read either alone or with kids.


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