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Upcoming stuff and junk


This week I have not had time to watch all that much. Okay, I watched Star Trek Into Darkness of course and a couple of episodes of the A-team, but that was about it. I have two films that I have promised reviews for the past couple of weeks and I watched 80% of each film, but just have not had time to finish watching them. I hope to do that this week and review them. Also Dr. Smith will be by as well as the debut of Mechagodzilla’s and maybe even Mr. T plus maybe some other items as well.

In looking ahead to October there are three are three full weeks and two where the days from the month before and the month after come into the same week. Which means I’ll take those five weeks and do a different theme each week. Here are the five that I am leaning towards with three being on tv shows and two on films as well as pics of my Halloween decorations (nothing great) and tales of past Halloweens.



Halloween episodes

Ghost and monster episodes

Haunted house episodes


About markmc2012

I have watched far too many horror and sc-fi shows in my life. Now I feel the need to share this wealth of knowledge and make others suffer.

6 responses to “Upcoming stuff and junk

  1. Victor De Leon ⋅

    So much to watch and so little time. I can relate. But looking forward to what you have coming up, man! Are you going to review Into Darkness?

  2. I did some initial thoughts on it back when I saw it in the theater. There’s a good chance that Mr. T may review it here soon.

  3. Okay, the house in the pic looks familiar – what movie is it from?

  4. It’s actually from an episode of the Andy Griffith show, but hey it looks scary with the spooky house and the sharp black and white.

  5. looking forward to your upcoming stuff and junk.

    • Thanks. I am working on narrowing down what shows and movies I’ll review for each theme week. For the TV shows there will be some comedies that fall under the theme thrown in with horror shows to add some variety.

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