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Sleepy Hollow-Don’t lose your head over the new show


Two hundred years and that’s the best beard you could grow?

I work until 9 on Monday nights and had to stop for milk after work yes I know dullsville get on with it. After that I got home in time to see the second half of the new show Sleepy Hollow. You know the one everyone has bee growling and grumbling about before it came out and they watch it so they can go online and growl and grumble some more. Well hey I mean Ichabod Crane pops up in 2013 in his old duds and then poof so does old dead no head and they start causing trouble all over. Oh,dear oh, dear we have two two hundred plus year old dudes and only one with a head running around town. Plus the headless horseman might be part of the horseman of apocalypse too. Woweee that’s some excitement for a little town. I was entertained and wished I had seen the first half. Yes, I know a headless horseman shouldn’t be shooting guns but hey get over it or change the channel. Come on people you’ll accept a weekly zombie apocalypse or bunches of super heroes but not a headless horseman toting a gun? It’s called fantasy and requires some imagination and yes you may to stretch your mind a little bit to accept it or don’t and move on. I’m reading comments from people that act like this Is Baby Bob or something. Do I think the show will be a hit? Nope or least for long. Will I try to watch until it gets canned? You bet. I’m a horror fan and will certainly give it a chance. I like the dark look of the show, the legends and was glad to see John Cho and Orlando Jones in the supporting cast.

So will headless horseman only terrorize this tiny town?

Is headless really in the league with the devil or some ancient evil?

How do you kill a headless guy?

Will Ichabod be called Icky for short?

Tune in and find out.



If I had a head I’d tell you to eat lead!


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I have watched far too many horror and sc-fi shows in my life. Now I feel the need to share this wealth of knowledge and make others suffer.

2 responses to “Sleepy Hollow-Don’t lose your head over the new show

  1. Cool. It was fun for sure.

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