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Laverne and Shirley-Haunted House


1977-Season two

Laverne and Shirley need a new coach-ewwwww spooky well not really. Carmine comes by and eeeeee he is scary or the fact that they thought he was an interesting character is scary. Anyways he tells the girls about a foreclosure sale on the other side of town and there may be a used couch for sale. Yay! Gulp but it’s at the old Ramsdale place! Wait, why am I gulping? Oh Shirley said when she was a kid that her brothers told her that a hairy monster lived there! Yeow, but Laverne doesn’t believe it and they agree to go to the Ramsdale house in search of a used couch. The outside shot of the house shows it to be a townhouse in a row of similar houses. I wonder if the other houses have different types of monsters living there? Well onto the search for the couch. Hey there it is and a little guy tells them that the house is being taken away from the owners and everything has to go. The girls are set to buy the couch and the comic relief duo of Lenny and Squiggy are set to help them. However all of a sudden everyone except these four and the little dude vanish. The girls try to exit, but a big old guy shoves them back in and slams the door. Holy moly they can’t get out aaaeeeeeee!. The little dude vanishes then Laverne, Shirley, Lenny and Squiggy try to escape in various ways with lots of laughs coming from the audience, but they are getting no frickin’ where whatsoever in their attempts to leave. Then Lenny and Squiggy vanish which may be an alright thing if it wasn’t for the fear of monsters or some such terror. Now it’s down to Laverne and Shirley. Laverne is freaking out while Shirley reads a journal that tells of Abraham Lincoln once staying at the house. An old woman and the big guy from earlier show up to make the girls scream. It turns out there is no monster but the woman and her servant are about to lose their house and wanted to keep Laverne and Shirley there hoping it would help their position to keep their house. They pull out the little guy from the city as he had been stored away in a closet or something and Shirley shows him the journal with the stuff about Abe. The little guy thinks they can declare it a landmark and the old lady and the large guy can stay in the house. Hooray! The old dusty organ plays by itself as L and S leave yikes! The large guy helped fix the girl’s couch and the old lady gave them an old suit of armor which Laverne promptly put an L on. Roll the credits.


Shirley O’Hara played the old lady Mrs. Ramsdale. She was in tons of stuff including many tv shows like this one, Twilight Zone, Alfred Hitchcok Presents, My three sons and many more. I remember her best for her few appearances on the Bob Newhart show as the dippy substitute secretary Debbie who always calls Bob “Mr. Ryan”.

Mickey Morton plays the big guy Bernie. He was six foot seven and one quarter according to IMDB. He had steady work from the late 50’s up until just a few years before his death in the early 1990’s. He was in lots of shows including Diff’rent Strokes, Land of the lost, Wonder Woman, Hillstreet Blues and more. However I know him best as the hulking Kloog from the Star Trek episode The Gamesters of Triskellion.

Haunted House stuff-There’s a skull on a table, screams, howls, chain sound effects, cobwebs, a hidden passage and the above mentioned self playing organ. Lenny also mentions that the house reminds me him of some monster film he just saw (I forget the title). It was a made-up film title but he mentioned it started the very real and great B movie actor John Carradine.

Not an all out scare fest haunted house episode, but hey it’s Laverne and Shirley. I liked this episode as a kid and still do.

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