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Tales from the crypt-House of horror




Who’s in this?
Wil Wheaton as pledge Arling. You know him as Wesley Crusher from Star Trek the next generation and playing a mean version of himself on a few episodes of the Big Bang theory.

Kevin Dillon as Wilton a mean frat member who pushes hard on the pledges. Dillon has been in Platoon, The doors, Entourage and a number of other things.

Meridith Salenger as Mona head of the sorority who wants to join with this fraternity. Started as a child actress and has been in The journey of Natty Gann, Lake Placid and others.

What’s this about?
These pledges for a fraternity are really getting the screws on them by a real jerk fraternity member. He tells them that they need to do what they are told or they will end up on the wall of shame and get harassed horribly like this one that they ran out of the school. Then this girl from a sorority asks if the fraternity would consider partnering with them. The two sides agree that some members of the sorority will come and watch the final test for the pledges. The night of the final test the pledges tell how the house they are going to was once home to a killer oh deary me. At the old house the pledges are told that one by one they have to go in, get to the second floor window and show there flashlight three times and then go up and do the same thing in the attic. The first pledge goes in and flashes his light on the second floor, but then screams and never seems to make it to the attic oh,no. So they send in a second pledge who gets to the second floor and tosses out a severed arm yelling that the frat guys are jerky for trying to scare him with a fake arm. He also seems not to make it to the attic uh oh. So the last pledge is sent in and he gets scared by a guy black and falls to the floor before even getting to the second floor. The frat guys and the sorority girls come to check on the pledge and jerkhole pledgemaster says the pledge will go on the wall of shame. Then the guy in black pops out and the mighty pledgemaster practically pees in his pants. Everyone has a good laugh over it, but the sorority girls leave. Oh, well. The pledgemaster is told to go up to the attic and get the other two pledges. He gets up there and cannot fine them, but finds a bin full of nasty body parts-ewww yucky. Then it turns out the sorority girls they saw are really ugly ghouls and their pledges were having a test that night that involved killing and eating men. Jerko gets slashed up. Meanwhile downstairs the guys realize the arm from early is actually real and it’s from the first pledge that came in. They scream like little girls and roll the credits.


Haunted house stuff-Well they reveal that the legend of the killer was made up to scare pledges so no real curse. A number of the sounds-screams and stuff were done by the fraternity guys with speakers although the sounds of the chainsaw and the guy screams were caused by the sorority ghouls. So the only real haunted house stuff was cobwebs, creaky floor boards and shadows. Still it looked pretty good.

A decent episode overall, predictable though. I used to enjoy the cryptkeeper’s jokes now I’m like get on with it. I remember seeing this one when it first aired and I was in college at the time, but I went to a little college that did not have fraternities.

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2 responses to “Tales from the crypt-House of horror

  1. This is a good episode to watch at Halloween 🙂

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