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The appeal of vampires


Ah vampires how they sparkle..wait no they don’t or they shouldn’t They are monsters, bloodsuckers, leeches of sorts. Yes there is room for some other character traits and there can be an allure in the idead of living forever or power or both. The sleeping all day and going out all night deal isn’t too bad either. Although laying in a box of dirt may not be so grand, but ah maybe you get used to that. The ability to turn into a bat, a wolf or another animal would be great too and would help cut down the boredom factor a little only whether not you do or don’t have those abilities seems to depend on which story you are following. When I was a kid the idea of living in a castle particularly one that is following part sounded promising too-lots of room to roam and sneak up on anyone wandering through your abode. With certain vampires there seemed to be a dignity and prestige that would never be given to mummies, werewolves and most other monsters. I guess because you don’t see Frankenstein’s monster going to the opera or a dinner party too often. Anyways there are lots of reasons why these creatures have existed is stories for generations and will continue to do for generations to come. Let vampire week begin.



About markmc2012

I have watched far too many horror and sc-fi shows in my life. Now I feel the need to share this wealth of knowledge and make others suffer.

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