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The Mummy’s Curse



What’s this about?
So are we in Egypt? Nope, it’s down in the Bayou in Louisiana. The mummy Kharis and the princess Ananka are supposedly buried in the swamps form an event years ago. Poppycock! Oh, that’s not right because there’s people with semi-French accents so uh le hogwash there that’s better. There’s an irrigation project going on nearby and some of the workers are scared of tales of the mummy. Anyways some eggheads show up saying they want to undercover the mummy to take the body back to Egypt. Aww, go on with you, brainiacs. Eventually they get permission, but really one of them (the Egyptian dude) is up to no doggone good whatsoever. He really has a plant, no not the green kind but a fellow follower of Kharis pretending to be a worker. Kharis starts stomping across the bayou a sqintin’ his eyes, walkin’ all hunched like and stranglin’ people iiiiiieeeeeee! Meanwhile a muddy woman falls down and she’s not fall bad looking once the mud falls off of her, but she’s strange acting like all dazed and fuzzy brained like she’s an ancient Egyptian princess who has been buried in the swamp or something. She gets taken in by the scientists, but the underhand Egyptian snake realizes who she is. Eventually more people die at the bandaged hand of Kharis “halp, I’m a bein’ choked by a mummy”. Ananka gets pulled in by the duo of Kharis followers. Just like in the mummy films set in Egypt all the main characters end up in an underground area. The baddies turn on each other, Kharis gets buried in a violent way and Ananka goes back to being dead but in a peaceful way. All the good survivors smile and walk away. Roll the credits.

“A mummy? I’m not going to fall for that old trick.”

The negatives-The setting is certainly different and the film has some plot holes as they really just hope things will just fall into place. Some of it does while other parts seem kind of tacked on.

The positives-Overall I like this one a bit. The different setting works for me and is a nice change. Even though Lon Chaney Jr. hated playing the mummy because of all the make-up I think he did fine job.

“Whose your mummy now?”


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8 responses to “The Mummy’s Curse

  1. Film Jive ⋅

    I watched this earlier in the month and was bored nearly to tears. I actually think the movie completely wastes the talents of Lon Chaney Jr., like most of these follow-ups did. He is in the same exact stance the entire film, no change at all.

    The production value is there but for a film that’s only an hour long, it drags it’s feet through the mud quite a bit. This could have easily been 30 minutes and achieved everything it did in 60.

    • Actually the first Universal Mummy film is the one that bores me. I liked Chaney in this one and felt that both the change in location and the inclusion of the Ananka character in present day helped the film a lot.

      • Film Jive ⋅

        Ehhh… I don’t know. I do agree though that the original universal “Mummy” film with Boris Karloff is the weakest of the Universal Monster films.

        I don’t think the mummy has really ever been put to film successfully. Even Hammer’s take in the early 60’s is a bit uneventful.

      • The first Mummy film copies the plot of Lugosi’s Dracula more than it should. Great mummy make-up though.

  2. Good review. I was actually gonna review this for my horror reviews of October, but I ended up dropping it and pushed it way, way back, which means I have no plans to post it, but it’ll just sit there scheduled, which as the date draws near I’ll push it back again. Someday I’ll post it, but have other things I’d rather post.

    I didn’t hate this, but didn’t really like it all that much either. Though I did also like Chaney in the role of the Mummy.

  3. It’s a different and all of Universal’s Mummy films are a little, but I definitely got into this one.

  4. I really like the setting in this Mummy film, its good Mummy film, great review!

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