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Upcoming stuff and junk

My son the mummy and my daughter the sock monkey on their way to trick or treating at the mall the other night.

Waiting in line for Malloween to start.

I still hope to have a review of Bubba Ho Tep on Saturday and Dr. Smith will drop by. Next week will be Halloween episode week with reviews of Halloween episodes from five shows. Off to a Lions Club Halloween party with the kids tonight. Next week we are going to Halloween activities at open houses at local businesses and a monster science program at the library plus on Halloween I am hoping to make a classic monster themed meal for the family. I am taking off from work on Halloween as I have done for the last 7 or 8 years.

Take care!

4 responses to “Upcoming stuff and junk

  1. Zoë

    Awwwww they look adorable!

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