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The appeal of Halloween episodes


If you are a fan of the holiday then it’s not like this really needs to be explained too much, but I’ll just throw it out there. There’s not as many Halloween episodes of shows as there are Christmas episodes, but there are far more Halloweens episodes than there are any other holiday episodes. Some times it was shows where it wasn’t a stretch like Bewitched or the Addams family who were already horror/monster themed so tossing in the holiday that celebrated it wasn’t much of a stretch. Other shows would set their episode at Halloween and include a party, trick or treating and decorations. Halloween is my favorite holiday and always has been so when a show I liked had a Halloween episodes I was always excited. Even now I love to go back watch Halloween episodes of older shows. In some ways it’s even cooler now because the decorations and costumes now represent different periods and it’s cool to see those in these shows as well. Frequently it was comedies that took on the holiday but on occasion action shows would bring in October 31st as well.

***So do you have any favorite Halloween episodes?

****In case you are wondering why I have a picture of CHiPs but I’m not reviewing it this week just know that I am saving it for review when I do an Erik Estrada week (no, really I am) likely some time before the end of 2013.


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2 responses to “The appeal of Halloween episodes

  1. MojosWork

    I don’t really watch the Simpsons anymore, not for at least 10 years, but I ALWAYS make it a point to see the new Treehouse of Horror episodes. The new one was hilarious (the first two segments).

  2. I used to like the SImpsons, but gave up on them in the late 90’s I remember liking some of the early Treehouse of horror episodes.

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