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Home Improvement-The haunting of Taylor house



Jessica Wesson as Jennifer the sort of girlfriend of Brad. SHe played this character for several episodes of Home Improvement. Later she was in several episodes of Judging Amy.

Rider Strong as jerko Danny. He has had a fairly steady career since he was 11 and he’s 33 now. Probably most known as Shawn on Boy meets world.

Aaron Freemon as neighborhood pain in the rump Curtis. he only had a handful of roles in the early 1990’s including two episodes playing this character.


What’s this about?
On his show Tim blows a pumpkin apart with MORE POWER, what a man. At home they are getting ready to have a Halloween party for the kid’s that night. Jill doesn;t get the costume she wants and is stuck being a huge carrot “ahhhhh, hide the dip”. As always Tim goes overboard and has a bunch of decorations and scary crap everywhere-hey no objections about that from me. Brad comes out and Raggedy Andy and Tim promptly disowns him well, not quite. Seems Brad and his little girlfriend are supposed to dress up as Raggedy Ann and Andy- oh how beautiful. Then Jennifer shows up a biker girl and what’s worse is smug Danny is with her dressed as a little biker dude-what a turdball. Brad gets upset, but Jennifer is mad at him so he tries to figure out why. Tim gives him lame advice that doesn’t work, but eventually Brad finds out what’s wrong and apologizes to her. Danny is being annoying by putting down the party so the kids are all lead downstairs. The basement is all cobwebby and creepy only you know in was decorated that way for the holiday unlike my basement which is always icky like that. Everyone is impressed except creepazoid Danny who is way too cool for such kid’s stuff. Tim comes out as Nanastein a creaky old woman oh yuck what a bizarro. This really creeps kids out except Danny who becomes ever more of a annoyance. So Tim lets out some more elaborate scares and Danny probably used the bathroom on himself as he flees upstairs-wahahaahaha. Roll the credits.


The negatives-Now as you can tell this one does focus more on Brad’s relationship with Jennifer than just Halloween oh that darn need for a plot.

The positives- I liked this show quite a bit for the first 4-5 episodes and this episode is a good one. I very much like the decorations and costumes in this episode too.

I watch this almost every year around this time.

Goofs-Both Brad and Tim trip at different times and I don’t think either was intentional. Brad’s may have been due to the big Raggedy Andy shoes he had to wear, but I guess Tim was just clumsy.



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