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Bewitched-Trick or treat



Jack Collins as client Jack Rogers. A fairly busy character actor who was in several Bewitched episodes plsu Dallas, The Rockford Files and more.

Maureen McCormick as the young version of Endora. You know her as Marcia Brady of course. She also had a small role in an earlier episode of Bewitched.

Really hardcore classic tv fans may recognize the magician trick or treater as David Bailey who played Opie’s friend Trey in a few episodes of the Andy Griffith show.


Endora tries to talk Samantha into going into hiding because it’s Halloween and you know how those mortals trivialize witches around Halloween. Samantha refuses because she needs to stay because Darren is having an impotant client over-wait aren’t they all important? Anyways Larry (the boss from hell) sends Samantha and Darren a box of typical Halloween decorations to put up. Endora really gets her dander up over this. Shortly before the dinner Endora turns herself into a trick or treater and casts a spell on Darren. You know w-e-r oh not that kind of spell but the witchy kind. The client and Larry arrive and Darren gets all hairy and learn that the spell has turned him into a werewolf-oh cool. He tries shaving the fuzz but it comes back even faster-oh isn’t that always the way. The young version of Endora struggles to remember how to reverse the spell- f-l-o not that kind of spell again not even in reverse. Larry and the client finally see Darren as a werewolf but he and Samantha explain it away as it being a new costume. Oh that makes sense well no not really. Eventually they Darren reversed and everything works as it always does even in the hi-jinks of being married to a witch. Roll the credits.

The negatives-It’s Dick York era Bewitched so no complaints.

The positives-A show about a witch frequently had monster type topics, but this is a really good one. A werewolf, spells, trick or treaters in 60’s style costumes and more.



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