Dr. Smith’s insult of the week


Oh Penny and Debby the bloop please excuse me a minute while I enlighten my audience. Ah, yes another week and another chance for you dear people to learn the art of the insult from a master such as I. This week’s venomous barb is Silver-plated Sellout. Spare me the gratitude, simply use it in a fitting setting at some point this week.

A few more Halloween episodes-One hour edition

Let Halloween leftovers week begin. All the Halloween episodes I reviewed last week were half hour episodes. So here are three Halloween episodes of one hours shows that I like a lot. To squeeze three into one post I am doing abbreviated reviews or it might be because I am lazy.


Freaks and Geeks-Tricks and treats 1999

Sam talks his friends into trick or treating even though they are in high school. It doesn’t work out so well. Lindsey spends Halloween with the cool kids and that  doesn’t turn out so well either. One of the best episodes of the series although the ending is a bit of a downer as it’s about growing up and not being a kid anymore.


Monk-Mr. Monk goes home- 2005

Monk goes to visit his brother on Halloween and gets thrown into an unexpected case involving a candy bar thief and a murder. A more personal episode for Adrian and it’s one of the more interesting and funny episodes of it’s season.


Friday the 13th the series-Hellowe’en 1987

So the cousins and Jack decide to have a Halloween party at the shop to convince locals that it’s not just a creepy old place. Unfortunately some boneheads go snooping around and set off a cursed crystal ball which causes all kinds of problems for our trio and now the locals really think this place is bonkers. Crazy old mean Uncle Lewis comes back to cause trouble, but eventually he gets dealt with.

***Are there any one hour Halloween episodes that you like?

Recent aquisitions


In October I picked up way too many movies out of the bargain bin.  No I didn’t need them and no I have not finished watching all the ones I picked up in 2012 or 2011, but I bought these.

8 horror classics with The Prophecy, Subspecies and more

8 midnight horror movies with The Gingerdead man, Howling 4 and more.

Bela Lugosi horror collection-8 public domain films with White Zombie, The Devil Bat and more

The Return of Dracula/The Vampire

Plan 9 from outer space

Deep Blue sea

Halloween 3

20 Amazing sci-fi features with End of the world, Alien Species and more.

Total cost $25 before taxes.