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Dr. Smith’s insult of the week


Oh Penny and Debby the bloop please excuse me a minute while I enlighten my audience. Ah, yes another week and another chance for you dear people to learn the art of the insult from a master such as I. This week’s venomous barb is Silver-plated Sellout. Spare me the gratitude, simply use it in a fitting setting at some point this week.

2 responses to “Dr. Smith’s insult of the week

  1. This dude was such an ass that it was hard for me to enjoy the show when I was in elementary school and it was in reruns. I just didn’t get that it was supposed to be camp. I think I could enjoy his cattiness now, though.

  2. Actually he wasn’t in the pilot and most of the first season was more serious. Smith, Will and the robot eventually took over the show and it went in a campy direction. I think Smith is hilarious. However if he ever showed up on the Enterprise acting like this then Kirk and Spock would throw him out an airlock without a spacesuit.

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