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Recent aquisitions


In October I picked up way too many movies out of the bargain bin.  No I didn’t need them and no I have not finished watching all the ones I picked up in 2012 or 2011, but I bought these.

8 horror classics with The Prophecy, Subspecies and more

8 midnight horror movies with The Gingerdead man, Howling 4 and more.

Bela Lugosi horror collection-8 public domain films with White Zombie, The Devil Bat and more

The Return of Dracula/The Vampire

Plan 9 from outer space

Deep Blue sea

Halloween 3

20 Amazing sci-fi features with End of the world, Alien Species and more.

Total cost $25 before taxes.


6 responses to “Recent aquisitions

  1. Teepee12

    You know there are 12 step programs to help you with your problem, though perhaps you need at least 24 steps. But I’m sure you aren’t beyond help. Yet.

  2. The good news this only happens in October. The number of total DVDs I by for the other 11 months combined isn’t much more than what I buy in October. I blame Wal-Mart, Target, FYE and Ollies for putting these out around Halloween.

  3. That’s some great dvds you got there, always fun to pick up some bargains, especially at Halloween!

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