Halloween memories 1976


In first grade back in the 1970’s they still allowed kids to have Halloween celebration in school. Oh, the horror of permitting the praise of a pagan holiday during the school day. Anyways in 1st and 2nd grade my school had a costume parade. Everyone got in the costumes they brought to school and one class at a time paraded around in the gym for everyone else to see. I don’t recall if there was any costume judging or not. Okay it 1st grade and back then the Halloween costumes at the store were these plastic masks with a rubber band to go around the back of your head and these weird looking costumes with wild often so greatly drawn designs on the shirts. I’m sure I asked my parents for some kind of super hero costume from the store, but my parents trying to save where could so I knew than a new Halloween costume was not coming my way. We went to the mission store (a thrift store we had around back then) and found a Lancelot Link costume that fit and was in good shape. I’m pretty sure it looked just like the one pictured above. Those now familiar with the show it was a talking monkey secret agent type thing. It had been off the air for years at that time however a local UHF channel played it reruns after school. So even though almost everyone else had current character costumes there were a few kids who complemented on being the only one to have this costume. Of course they didn’t know that my parents were being cheap as possible. Oh, well I still remember this Halloween very well.

After Halloween pick ups-T shirt edition


After Halloween any store worth something marks their stuff down to 50% off. I am not interested in candy, but I always look at the other Halloween stuff like decorations and such although I rarely get much or even anything. This year however turned out to be a good year for marked down t-shirts. I got the above shirt for myself for $2 at Wal-mart. Not like I needed another shirt, but for $2 I just couldn’t pass it up. Also at Walmart I got my son a black shirt with a glow in the dark pumpkin on it. Then at Target I got my daughter a grey ghost busters logo shirt for $2.09 (75% off). Wasn’t able to find any good discount Halloween shirts for my wife maybe next year.

Halloween memories 1997



By 1997 I had finished college and was trying to find work. I also moved to Tennessee to be closer to my girlfriend (yes, I later married her). By Halloween I was working kind of a crappy job there, but was excited about the upcoming holiday. My girlfriend and I went to her mom’s house and watched Scream with Christy’s brother (now my brother in law of course). He was still in high school at the time. He loved horror and told us that we had to see Scream. So we did and he was right it was good. A play on 80’s slashers, but it had enough real squares to establish itself. After that the night was still young so went back to mu apartment. I had two roommates at the time, but they were both out for the night. We Christy and I carved a jack o lantern and roasted seeds while we watched the 1978 Halloween.  That started a tradition of us watching that film every Halloween for about the next four years. Not exactly a wild time, but it was fun.