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Halloween memories 1976


In first grade back in the 1970’s they still allowed kids to have Halloween celebration in school. Oh, the horror of permitting the praise of a pagan holiday during the school day. Anyways in 1st and 2nd grade my school had a costume parade. Everyone got in the costumes they brought to school and one class at a time paraded around in the gym for everyone else to see. I don’t recall if there was any costume judging or not. Okay it 1st grade and back then the Halloween costumes at the store were these plastic masks with a rubber band to go around the back of your head and these weird looking costumes with wild often so greatly drawn designs on the shirts. I’m sure I asked my parents for some kind of super hero costume from the store, but my parents trying to save where could so I knew than a new Halloween costume was not coming my way. We went to the mission store (a thrift store we had around back then) and found a Lancelot Link costume that fit and was in good shape. I’m pretty sure it looked just like the one pictured above. Those now familiar with the show it was a talking monkey secret agent type thing. It had been off the air for years at that time however a local UHF channel played it reruns after school. So even though almost everyone else had current character costumes there were a few kids who complemented on being the only one to have this costume. Of course they didn’t know that my parents were being cheap as possible. Oh, well I still remember this Halloween very well.

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