Upcoming junk and stuff


I have not gotten as much writing as I’d hoped to this week. My dad had to go the hospital, but I’m picking him to take him home today. I’ve been sick the past few days, but hope it passes soon. I still hope to review Halloween 3 to close out Halloween leftovers week on Friday. I just didn’t have time to watch Bubba Ho Tep so I’ll put it in a stack for another day. For next week I am going to review Invasion from inner earth, some early 60’s sword and sandal thingie plus a book review of A very Klingon Christmas. Also Zardoz may grace us with his presence, Dr. Smith will drop by and maybe a list of some sorts. In case you were wondering I am preparing to probably do Erik Estrada week the week after next. I know that I can’t wait for that.

*Have a great week!

Halloween memories-with the kids


My oldest was born in 2004 and by youngest was born two years later. So every year we’ve tried to do several things with them around Halloween whether it’s trick or treating, carving jack o lanterns or whatever. Since my oldest is 9 now she’s not as much into as she once was, but we still try to make it fun and hopefully they will have good memories of their childhood Halloweens. Here are two picks from previous Halloweens.


Mecha G’s Monster of the month-The deadly mantis


“Demolish, pulverize, grind you into…” Oh, hey there. It’s me Mecha-G and once again it’s time for me so share the monster of the month for November. It is the giant praying mantis from the film the Deadly Mantis.


It was awakened from it’s sleep and began it’s path or destruction. You go, buggy! Then some egghead scientists unfortunately put an end to a perfectly good run of smashing and killing. Oh isn’t that always the way. Oh, well it was a darn good run while it lasted. Have to get back to my day job. “I’m going to lay this city to waste, get ready to be stomped into dust!”