Invasion from inner earth AKA : They



Wah, a bunch of dots! The horror! The terror!

1974 (reportedly filmed in 1972, but didn’t get released until two years later)

I’m going to tackle this one a bit differently because it has a back story of sorts to it. Back in the 1980’s I used to watch way too much TV as in all sorts of crap. Oh, wait that’s no the end of the story. Once around I 84-85 I turned on the tube on a Saturday afternoon and went right into the middle of some movie. I remember scenes of people in the snow, something about not being able to leave and then indoor scenes of a couple of dudes and one woman sitting in a cabin talking about being trapped and some hooey about aliens invading from within the earth. I’m uncertain if I watched all of it at that time. Fast forward about two years and again I turn into the middle of this same film. This time I saw people vanishing one at a time, red lights and more blah, blah, blah talking. Then it gets down to a man and a woman left, they smile and suddenly instead of two hippies in the snow it’s two kids walking across a field of flowers and then boom it’s over. I remembered these parts of the film over the years, but not the title. About ten years or more ago I recalled those parts and tried to figure out what the film was by searching online with no luck. Fast forward to last month. I bought this cheapo sci-fi collection and last week I decide to pop a film in. I do and there’s some stuff about people being in the woods and like 15 minutes later the little sparks start to go in my brain and I leapt up and said “this is it, this is that film I saw in the 80’s”. Then I shut up and watched the rest of the film…big mistake. The film is made up of a few images of people in the snow, an airplane, a red light that comes before the people vanish and a bunch sitting around yacking about nothing and not in a good Seinfeld kind of way but in more of a “we don’t have a script just rant on about nothing” kind of way. The ending was the same as I remembered it. I guess it’s supposed to mean the two people were like Adam and Eve, the only two humans left and they went to start populating the world again. Although it may have meant the film has gone enough just slap something strange in there to wrap this baby up. Turns out the director was Bill Rebane who has made numerous films that show up on worst movies of all time lists.

The film is very hard to take to the lack of much of anything going on. So it’s even hard to laugh at. At least I found out what this movie was.


Plot? Meaningful dialog? Are you serious?


The end.