Movies I own but have only watched once


1-Starship Troopers-I saw this movie once and it wasn’t even the copy I now¬† oddly enough. I borrowed it from a friend once. I thought it was a good looking stinker. It was full of bad performances, characters I cared nothing about and flat dialog. However the effects were stunning and so was the action. I bought it used for maybe $3 years ago and have not watched it.

2-K-pax-I bought this for a couple of bucks years ago at a K-mart that was going out of business. I watched it right away and really liked it, but for one reason or another have not put it in the player since.

3-Watcher in the woods-Horror from Disney? My wife saw this when she was a kid and bought it for us to watch around Halloween a few years back. I liked it and have put in my to watch soon pile but have just never gotten around to it.

4-My bloody valentine (original)-I had a room mate years ago who just loved 80’s horror films and he ranted on about this one. I bought it maybe 6-7 years ago out of the bargain bin. It was entertaining is high cheese quantity kind of way. Again I have considered watching it again but that just hasn’t happened.

5-The Phantom-I grew up reading the Phantom in the comics on Sundays. I didn’t see the film when it came out I heard nothing but mediocre responses to it. That didn’t stop me from picking out of the bargain bin like a decade later. I thought it was okay and really wanted to give it another viewing some day… that day has yet to come around.


***Do you own any films like this?