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Movies I own but have only watched once


1-Starship Troopers-I saw this movie once and it wasn’t even the copy I now  oddly enough. I borrowed it from a friend once. I thought it was a good looking stinker. It was full of bad performances, characters I cared nothing about and flat dialog. However the effects were stunning and so was the action. I bought it used for maybe $3 years ago and have not watched it.

2-K-pax-I bought this for a couple of bucks years ago at a K-mart that was going out of business. I watched it right away and really liked it, but for one reason or another have not put it in the player since.

3-Watcher in the woods-Horror from Disney? My wife saw this when she was a kid and bought it for us to watch around Halloween a few years back. I liked it and have put in my to watch soon pile but have just never gotten around to it.

4-My bloody valentine (original)-I had a room mate years ago who just loved 80’s horror films and he ranted on about this one. I bought it maybe 6-7 years ago out of the bargain bin. It was entertaining is high cheese quantity kind of way. Again I have considered watching it again but that just hasn’t happened.

5-The Phantom-I grew up reading the Phantom in the comics on Sundays. I didn’t see the film when it came out I heard nothing but mediocre responses to it. That didn’t stop me from picking out of the bargain bin like a decade later. I thought it was okay and really wanted to give it another viewing some day… that day has yet to come around.


***Do you own any films like this?


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I have watched far too many horror and sc-fi shows in my life. Now I feel the need to share this wealth of knowledge and make others suffer.

8 responses to “Movies I own but have only watched once

  1. Abbi ⋅

    This is probably about half my DVD collection… which is quite sad…

  2. Great list of films, I’ve only seen My Bloody Valentine and Starship Troopers, but they are both really good and always worth a watch.

  3. Teepee12

    I’m embarrassed at how many movies we own that we’ve never watched at all, at least not on DVD. We’ve gotten so lazy with the DVR, Roku and cable … And of course there are all those movies people give you as gifts and you really wish they hadn’t.

    • We don’t have cable and get very few channels so we watch mainly DVDs. However now the kids play video games on the TV and watch their movies so our DVD time is more limited than it used to be.

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