Chupacabra vs. the Alamo


What’s this about?

Doesn’t the title say it all? Perhaps, but I suppose that I should say more. Erik Estrada is a DEA agent who gets a new partner (no not Bobby or Bruce for you CHiPs fans), plus he’s having trouble with his daughter going out when she shouldn’t, double plus he doesn’t have much to do with his son because of who he hangs around with. Somewhere around this time some poor actors pretending to be more gang members/drug smugglers start getting wiped out by snarling death hounds. Just kidding the chupacabras here look like a cross between chihuahuas Dobby the house elf- “Harry Potter must not return to Taco Bell”. These CGI beasties don’t just get the bad guys either, no their fury knows no bounds as they get some good guys and the innocents as well. It does seem like the victim gets hit once in the legs and then they always fall down in the same position with the their arms spread and they lay there while the little critters rip the rest of their bodies apart. Yum-yum. Enough of this unbridled horror, Estrada’s character along with his new partner, his daughter, his son and some of his friends try to take on these fanged demons with guns. Eventually they end up at…

A-the bathroom


C-the Razzies

D-the Alamo

Ah, according to the film title I think this is D. Oh it is and what’s left of our heroes ends up there fleeing from the title creatures. The humans find a tunnel that has been hidden for decades (?!) and then flee. Blah, blah, blah Estrada triumphs over tiny computer generated throat rippers and all is well. Roll the credits.


I see a creepy hairy thing, oh wait it’s just my hair piece.

The negatives-The creatures look like cheap CGI from 2000 but the film was done last year. The rest of the budget is small too and it looks it. Much of the acting is typical of this type of film.

The positives-Erik Estrada is in overacting mode, but it makes the film more interesting than it could have been. The pace is relatively decent even if the killings themselves are of the bargain bin variety.

I admit that I only really watch this because of Estrada and it was alright for one viewing.


I think the coast is clear.

More Erik Estrada on it’s way on Wednesday with hopefully a review of Guns.