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Erik Estrada week? Why?


When I was seven I started watching CHiPs with my family. There quickly became a division between my brother and I. He brought it up, but his favorite character was the by the book and very dull Jon while I preferred the funny and more carefree Ponch. My brother tried to pull me over to the Jon camp but I insisted he was wrong which of course he was. Anyways I was a loyal fan of the show for maybe the first three seasons before losing interest. It was definitely one of the first kind of action shows I really got into. They didn’t shoot or even pull out their guns, but there were plenty of traffic accidents and possibly dangerous situations going on. When I re-visited the show when I was older I saw he cheese factor more clearly. The goofy jokes, the amount of times the show ended with Ponch and Jon ending up at a disco or some kind of dance. Still I like the show, it has a charm and Estrada’s cheesiness was part of that. Over the years much like Shatner I think Estrada has embraced the high cheese and goofiness factor of his image and just rolled with it. Through that he’s had a resurgence to some extent. I admire that quality to roll with things. For that and his influences on me as a young TV viewer I give Mr. Estrada a theme week.


Guns review on Thursday for sure.

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