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ponch and jon



Phyllis Diller as Wanda, a patient at the hospital. You know doubt saw her using her brand of humor years ago, she was around for ever. I liked her when she loaned her voice to a bride of Frankenstein type character in Mad Monster Party.

Joey Aresco as baddy Niles who hates cops. A character with extensive work in TV over the course of 50 years.

Gary Sandy as Ray who works with Niles at the body shop. You probably know him best as Andy Travis from WKRP in Cincinnati.

The two armored car drivers were Marc Lawrence  and Huntz Hall. Lawrence had over 200 credits stretching across 70 years (he lived to be 95) and acted with everyone from Humphrey Bogart to Bugs Bunny. Hall had over 100 credits across 55 years, but was best known as for being in the Eastside Kids/Bowery Boys films.

Ponch and Jon witness a couple of shaggy haired thirty somethings drag racing and go off in hot pursuit. Both cops end up pursuing the scruffier of the two guys. Jon is in the lead and then the dirty, drag racer backs up and causes Jon to hit the car and go flying into the pavement. Take that, copper. The wild driver gets away as he flees on foot and Ponch checks on Jon. Mr. drag racer runs back to his friend the other drag racer who runs a garage. The guy that hit Jon reports that his car was stolen so they can’t pin the drag race or whacking Jon on him. Ponch ends up being teams up with the Sarge while Jon ends up in the hospital having to listen to Phyllis Diller tell rotten jokes. So they both suffer from this. The drag racer/hit and run guy growls about the cops having it out for him. He has to go an errand and takes the tow truck with him. While on the roads he sees officer Grossman on his motorcycle. The scruffy baddie decides to take out another officer so he lets loose the hook on his truck and begins speeding. Grossman pursues, but it’s a trap and Grossman gets whopped by the hook. This leads to a trip to being Jon’s hospital roomie and also listening to Phyllis Diller. Ponch and the Sarge pursue a speeder who actually abducted his kids.  Ponch gets the guy to stop but by using a method that the sourpuss Sarge didn’t approve so Ponch gets an earful afterwards. Ponch and the Sarge later pursue a speeder who is really the guy that injured Jon and Grossman. The Sarge is being lead in to a trap but Ponch blocks him from getting hurt. The mean fuzz face gets away, but the Sarge thanks Ponch when he realizes that he was being set up to really get hurt. Eventually Jon gets out of the hospital, he says goodbye to Phyllis Diller and he goes back on patrol with Ponch. An armored truck driven by couple of looney, paranoid oldsters flip over on the highway but won’t get out because they think it’s a plot to steal the money. Ponch and Jon try to convince them but they won’t come out not by the hair of their chinny chin chins or something like that. The polics call for a tow truck but when it shows up guess who it is? That’s right the cop smasher. Jon recognizes him so they give chase. The guy tries to whack Jon the way he did to Grossman but Jon dodges it and gets the drop on the not so nice dude. With that wrapped up they return to the armored car where the old guards still refuse to budge even when the Sarge shows up and that’s how it ends. Roll the credits.

The negatives-Phyllis Diller was hard to take, there’s way too much of her here.

The positives-Plenty of action, some good stunts and a chance to see Ponch and the Sarge team up as a sort of odd couple of bikes.

That will wrap up Erik Estrada week, hope you enjoyed it.

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