Things to be thankful for


I am of course thankful for my family, my health, friends, my cats and a good school system for my kids. I decided to toss out some genre related things that I am currently thankful for. So here they are.

ME-TV- I live out in nowhere and can’t afford cable so I am glad for ME-TV because they show some great old shows like Gilligan’s Island, F-troop, Bob Newhart and more. I am particularly thankful for their sci-fi Saturday line-up of Batman, Lost in Space, Star Trek and Svengoolie showing old horror films.

The Wal-Mart bargain bin-Okay, I buy too many cheap films but I have found some great collections of bad and decent films at Wal-Mart’s $5 bargain bin. Plenty of films to keep this blog going with material for years to come.

Thrift stores-I am cheap and we have to be. Used is okay by me. We live 20 minutes from five different thrift stores. I have found some great clothing finds for my kids this year including shirts with characters like Wolverine, Mario, Scooby Doo, Spider-man and Harry Potter. As well as some shirts for myself including ones of Ghostbusters, Speed Racer, Harry Potter and more.

My job for allowing me to do programs for kids that allow me to share my interests. I programs at the library that I think kids will come to but some tie to into things I really like. In the past year I have done programs on rockets, Star Wars, Super Heroes, Secret Agent training and other topics including several duct tape craft programs.

Sci-fi, horror and fantasy bloggers and the people who read and comment on these blogs. I try to read as many blogs as I can and comment as well. I appreciate all the blogs I follow. I also appreciate anyone who reads and comments on my blog.

There you go.