One year


So this little icon popped on my blog to tell me I have somehow been doing this for one year today. Here is what some celebrities had to say about my blog.

It┬ábeats being trapped in a pit full of snakes. -Dr. Henry “Indiana” ┬áJones Jr.

I dig it. -The Mole People

I’m a doctor not a critic, but I suppose it’s alright. -Dr. Leonard McCoy.

It’s such a large blog. -Robert Scott Carey “The incredible shrinking man”

Good, bad, he’s the guy with an okay blog, oh and shop smart, shop S-Mart. -Ash Williams

Oh, the pain, the pain. -Dr. Zachary Smith

I’ve built better creations out of dead bodies… unless you are with the authorizes then I never did that. -Baron Victor Von Frankenstein

He’s always writing foolish jibba jabba. What a crazy sucker! -Mr. T

It doesn’t suck which or may not be a good thing. -Count Dracula

Graaaaaaahhhhhhhrrrrrr- King Kong

Needs more coverage of giant, floating stone-headed gods. Just saying. -Zardoz