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One year


So this little icon popped on my blog to tell me I have somehow been doing this for one year today. Here is what some celebrities had to say about my blog.

It beats being trapped in a pit full of snakes. -Dr. Henry “Indiana”  Jones Jr.

I dig it. -The Mole People

I’m a doctor not a critic, but I suppose it’s alright. -Dr. Leonard McCoy.

It’s such a large blog. -Robert Scott Carey “The incredible shrinking man”

Good, bad, he’s the guy with an okay blog, oh and shop smart, shop S-Mart. -Ash Williams

Oh, the pain, the pain. -Dr. Zachary Smith

I’ve built better creations out of dead bodies… unless you are with the authorizes then I never did that. -Baron Victor Von Frankenstein

He’s always writing foolish jibba jabba. What a crazy sucker! -Mr. T

It doesn’t suck which or may not be a good thing. -Count Dracula

Graaaaaaahhhhhhhrrrrrr- King Kong

Needs more coverage of giant, floating stone-headed gods. Just saying. -Zardoz

15 responses to “One year

  1. Victor De Leon ⋅

    Let the milestones begin, man. Congrats!

  2. Smash

    Many happy returns to you and your blog on this day! May the lasers, monsters, and barbarians continue to provide you with many amusing posts to come.

  3. theipc ⋅

    “CONGRATS!” – eric

  4. Congratulations to you!! Now you can start putting things like “annual” in your posts. 😉

  5. Rincewind

    Happy big 1 to you… let the champagne corks pop open…

  6. Congrats, cant believe its a year already. Lots more fun stuff to come, for sure, and I look forward to it.

  7. Congratulations on your blogs 1st anniversary!

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