Shows that should be on DVD


Or maybe this should be shows that I think should be on DVD but likely they won’t be. Now we all know that the 60’s Batman deserves a DVD release and we all know it won’t get one so I’ll leave that off the list. Here you go, feel free to add any others that you like.

Freddy’s Nightmares

1988-1990, 2 seasons, syndicated

A horror anthology show with Freddie Krueger hosting.

Have I seen it? I saw a handful of episodes when it was first on and liked them.

Chances of a release-It has had a release in another region. Unlike other shows on this list it went 2 seasons and featured a very known character. I thinks odds are against a release, but it’s possible.

The Dark Room

1981-1982, 16 episodes, network

A horror anthology show that hit a couple of years before the anthology explosion of the md-80’s. James Coburn hosted it.

Have I seen it? I recall watching it fairly often with my parents.

Chances of a release-I think this one has also been released on another region. I think chances are slim but other anthology shows have been released in recent years as well.


1979, half a season, network

The show was meant to be like the old movie serials. So they had three different stories going. I seem to remember that they only got around to showing the ending to one of the three stories.

Have I seen it? My brother and I watched this one every week.

Chances of a release-

Fantastic Journey

1977, 10 episodes, network

This show had to do with a group of people from different time periods being trapped in the Bermuda Triangle.

Have I seen it? Nope, only know it from pictures from old issues of Starlog and various online reviews.

Chances of a release-Doubtful given it’s age and number of episodes.

Project UFO

1978-1979, network

This Jack Webb made show took real sightings of UFOs and dramatized them

Have  I seen it? I would watch this show and then go outside and search the sky for UFOs yet I never saw one. I only really remember the spaceships from this one so I am not sure how good the show would be if I saw it now.

Chances of a release-At this point I really don’t think the interest is there.

Wizards and Warriors

8 episodes, 1983, network

A fantasy show with royalty and a wizard and such

Have I seen it? I have faint memories of seeing a few episodes. I was into anything fantasy related so I liked it back then but remember very little about it.

Chances of a release-No way, too few episodes.


1987-1988,  Fox before it was a real network

College becomes a werewolf.

Have I seen it? I watched most of the episodes during it’s original run.

Chances of a DVD release? Actually it was slated for one a few years ago but word is that it was tough to get the rights to the music so it was shelved.