The Evil of Frankenstein



Peter Cushing as the Baron you know Frankenstein. This was the third of six times that Cushing played the Baron for Hammer films.


What’s this about?

Remember the first two Hammer Frankenstein films? If you don’t that’s okay, but this film kind acts like most of those two films never happened either. Frankenstein and his assistant Hans (aren’t all the secondary guys in this films either Hans or Karl?) get caught accepting a stolen corpse and they flee town only to run back to another town that the Baron was run out of. Not a popular gent that Frankenstein. Anyways in this town the Baron owns a residence. He is returning because he needs cash and he left furniture and artwork there so he hope to sell it off to get money to keep funding his bizarre research. So they get to the castle and find nothing, we’ve been robbed! Oh, well this gives the Baron a chance to fill us in on a back story and pad the film’s length. He tells of a monster he created in the past. The monster loved to eat human flesh ewww yucky. The monster got out which wouldn’t have happened if the baron had a leash on him or a better fence up. Anyways the locals gave chase. The Baron was shot and thrown in jail while the monster was shot and then vanished. Back to present day and the Baron and his assistant put on masks and go in to town where they are having a festival of sorts. The Baron sees the Burgomeister wearing his ring and he freaks out, the police go after the Baron but he gets away. The two run into a deaf girl with poofy carrot colored hair. She leads them to her home in a cave where they discover a monster pop well actually it’s Frankenstein’s old monster only frozen. So they pull out a blow drier and thaw him out. Oh, wait no electricity so they use fire to thaw him out. Dagnabbit the monster won’t respond. Maybe he’s upset about looking like a third rate version of Karloff’s block head style monster or maybe that gunshot years ago hurt him. Anyways the Baron employees a sideshow hypnotist to try and revive the monster. Nothing but the best for the Baron and his creature. However it works but the hypnotist has some power over the monster which he uses to get back at people he doesn’t like. The monster is though of as a uh monster. The Baron socks the hypnotist and throws his hide out of the castle. Unfortunately the Baron soon gets nabbed by the law. Hans and the mute girl try to calm the monster without much luck. The Baron gets free and goes back to the castle where he has a wrestling match with the monster (fitting since the monster is played by a wrestler). The Baron tells Hans and the girl to flee. They go and the castle goes blooey. Roll the credits.


The negatives-I didn’t care for monster’s make-up. They tried to a Universal style monster and it’s rather poor. The plot point with the hypnotist trying to revive the monster seems a bit thrown together. The film seems like a step back in the series compared to the previous two films. It’s not bad, but it lacks the darkness of the previous films and comes across as being a bit too basic.

The positives-Peter Cushing just about always delivers and this movie is no exception. He gives his best. The sets and scenery are mostly quite good.