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Lack of Christmas episodes in sci-fi shows


As I get ready for Christmas episode week later this month I am reminded of the lack of Christmas episodes in sci-fi series. Yes, I’ll find enough to review for a week. However they are all series set in either present day (when they were made) or the past and not in the future so much. Yes, Captain Kirk met Helen Noel at a Christmas party, but that was mentioned and not seen. Maybe spaceships, interplanetary travel and futuristic cities are more exciting than Christmas lights, caroling and eggnog. Perhaps religion has changed in the future and the holiday isn’t what it was. Another thought might be that sci-fi writers just shy away from the topic. They were not afraid to have snow and ice, but apparently the holiday and the weather don’t always go hand in hand in space or the future.

***Why do you think there aren’t more Christmas sci-fi episodes?

***What sci-fi show do you wish had done a Christmas episode?

6 responses to “Lack of Christmas episodes in sci-fi shows

  1. Abbi ⋅

    It seems human religion rarely survives into the future in sci-fi shows. Probably not a bad thing. There are obviously LOADS of Christmas Doctor Who episodes.

  2. I have never seen an episode of Dr. Who. You are right about human religion not existing often in sci-fi shows. They do on occasion touch on faith. However worshipping a higher power either seems to avoided or if you Captain Kirk you normally expose the higher power for what it is and the followers free.

  3. I never noticed the absence before you mentioned it!

  4. Yeah, there are not many Christmas Sci-Fi episodes, guess they don’t have Christmas in space. Dr Who always has an xmass special, shame they didn’t in Star Trek, would have been fun. There was a Christmassy episode of Buffy I remember, that was quite good, but that’s not really Sci-Fi.

  5. Like I said some sci-fi shows set in modern times like superhero shows have Christmas episodes. As you said they don’t seem to have Christmas in space. Most shows in space are either well into the future, set in a different place or both. Maybe the writers didn’t want to assume that the holiday would last forever and being a Christian holiday it would be odd to assume another planet’s culture would embrace it.

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