The joy of Christmas specials

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My first memories of Christmas specials were when you could watch the Grinch of Charlie Brown or Rudolph only once a year. So you snooze you lose in the days before VHS. It was an event to see them and that great. I remember all the commercials leading up to the showing of the specials and they lure me in and have me reminding my parents we had to watch this even if it was at a point where I had seen every year for the last few years. I actually much prefer how it is now that we can have or borrow it on DVD to watch when we want to. Still a lot of those specials were part of my childhood and there quite a few good ones. Christmas wouldn’t be the same for many of us without watching the Grinch, Charlie Brown and his scraggly tree and numerous Rankin and Bass specials.

***What are some of your favorites?

***Have you watched any specials yet this season or do you wait until a certain time like Christmas Eve?