Christmas episodes-V-Reflections in terror


Diana, why couldn’t you have just gotten an easy bake oven?



So it’s Christmas time as we can tell from the trees and wreaths here and there. The resistance people (that’s the humans) are supposed to transporting some kids to a safe place with the help of a priest. Some of the Visitors (reptile alien guys) mess with the nativity scene in front of the church and Donovan, Ham and some other guy hammer the visitor soldiers. A while later these guys and some other humans end up drowning out the visitors national anthem with our country’s national anthem, but unknown to them a traitor is taking pictures.  Oh an right before this the nice alien Willie (Robert Englund) screws up some Christmas carols as he provides the comedy relief. The alien/human child Elizabeth (who grew to be like 21 overnight) gets her finger pricked by accident or she thinks as really it’s a visitor ploy to get a blood sample. The bad lizards hope to grow a clone and determine from then why Elizabeth is immune to the poisonous red dust that kills the other lizards. While watching this show I can’t but wonder if the visitors found Earth by accident or maybe they ran out of gas here because they seem to screw up everything they set out to do. The clone gets out of control, smashes some lizard soldiers around and eventually kills a police officer in a park. Meanwhile Ham (Michael Ironside in his normal mean state) growls at a little girl and then feels bad about it. The escaped clone grows up and looks just like Elizabeth. What a lucky break now they don’t have spend money on stuff like monster make-up for the clone. Willie the sillie alien attempts to dress as Santa for a second and we all sort of laugh haha..wait back to the drama and the resistance. An alien tracker dude is after the clone. Elizabeth and Kyle run into the hissing clone and Elizabeth says it’s okay … nice clone, nice clone. The tracker shows up, a fight happens, a small section lizard skin is exposed so we know how evil he is and the tracker and the clone both die in the struggle. Oh, well that’s the end of that. Meanwhile Nathan Bates (Lane Smith) a human who sides with the scaly overlords has the club mentioned earlier in this review blown up in a partially animated explosion. The thought was that is was a hang-out for resistance fighters and this might get some of them, but it just hurts the building. The resistance people go on and celebrate Christmas with a small party complete with Ham as the grumpiest Santa ever. Roll the credits.


Three wisemen? I think not.


The Christmas spirit-There’s enough background pieces of the holiday in there that it seems like more than just a setting.

The negatives-This show had acting that was hot and cold. The plot for this one was okay. Slightly interesting, but not fleshed out so much.

The positives-Any episode with Michael Ironside and Lane Smith in it had something going for it. The pace was overall decent. An alright episode overall, but it gets some props for trying at least a semi-Christmas episode.


I think one of us is going to die soon.