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Christmas episodes


There are a few Christmas episodes I watch every year, but they tend to be more comedies than sci-fi and horror. Of course there are more of those because it’s easier to squeeze Christmas into a the world of a comedy than it is putting it into a sci-fi setting. Every year I normally watch Christmas episodes from the Andy Griffith show, Green Acres, Cheers, Night Court, Mary Tyler Moore and Frasier. Then there are Christmas episodes I watch maybe every other year as well. As I kid I would usually get excited when a show had a Christmas episode whether it was good or not. It’s not too surprising that there are more Christmas episodes of shows than any other holiday. Now if I watch an older series in order I find it funny that most shows just have their same setting every episode I mean it could be September or April and you don’t know and then bam it’s a Christmas episode. That’s fine too.


***What are some of your favorite Christmas episodes?

2 responses to “Christmas episodes

  1. I Love Lucy is going to be on CBS this friday in prime time – the Christmas episodes. They are newly colorized versions. I prefer the b&w, but me and my wife will watch them anyway 🙂

  2. Cool, we all like I love Lucy a lot too.

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