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Christmas episodes-Lois and Clark-Twas the night before Mxymas


What do you mean you think Clark Kent is cool and I’m not?


Clock or no clock?


Guests0-Howie Mandel as Mister Mxyzptlk (pronounced Miks-yez-pittle-ik)

This floating curly haired semi-urban pirate looking 90’s hipster shows up in Metropolis. He comes from the 5th dimension which much like Metropolis and Gotham City isn’t part of any real world that we know of. He does however know who Superman is. He then comes with the plot to get rid of Superman by taking away all hope because he thinks Supes is the sign of hope. To do this he comes with a masterful plan, okay actually I think he just watched Groundhog Day with Bill Murry for inspiration. So he makes a day repeat itself and only Clark Kent is aware of what’s going on. Mxyzpittlepoo, Mixypuddlecake, Moxyplasticup er Mr. M lets Clark know what’s going so he knows there is nothing he can do about. The deal is Supes has to leave this world or else Mr. M will let this hopeless world go on. So we get to see this day or parts of it play out over and over. The overriding theme is that everyone gets grumpier and cares less as the same day rolls around. Clark’s dad gets worried about losing the farm, Perry regrets not doing more with his kids, Jimmy’s new girlfriend starts dressing trashier, a guy keeps robbing the same bank every day and a recluse goes from falling off his balcony to jumping off with Supes catching him every time. Clark/Supes thinks the only way to correct this behavior is to give these people hope. He tries talking even reasoning with them and working to give people a purpose and hope. Eventually it succeeds and Mr.M gets mad. The final step is of course that they get magic guy to say his name backwards. Oh, the horror, the terror, the lack of imagination and poof he’s gone. The day has been saved, hooray for Christmas and roll the credits.

This was from the forth and final season of this show which was probably my least favorite overall, but this was a decent enough episode.


Santa Perry


How dare you say Lois has shorter hair than I do, oh wait she does.

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