Kronos-image Kronos


Jeff Morrow as Dr. Leslie Gaskell. Morrow was most active in the 50’s and 60’s and he was This Island Earth, the Robe and lots of others. He had a great voice and a serious face.

Barbara Lawrence as Vera Hunter. Lawrence was active between the mid 40’s and early 60’s. She was in Oklahoma!, A street with no name and a number of other films.

This films was very slow. So slow that not much happens until the end and by then you have probably stopped by caring. So instead of boring you with a real right up I’ll just throw ten things out about this film.

1-Apparently the aliens who built Kronos were greatly influenced by a box kite.

2-Jeff Morrow almost smiled in this film, yes almost.

3-Apparently other civilizations use animated dots to take over humans.

4-Watching stock footage of a helicopters shadow made me just as sleepy as stock footage of a helicopter.

5-Apparently giant robots like to sit and settle a while before leaping into action.

6-Some spaceships can move in herky jerky motions whenever they want.

7-Back in the 1950’s lightning looked like it was done by animation instead of you know looking real.

8-It’s okay to just land you helicopter on top of a giant alien robot and just step out on the robot without any protection or weapons.

9-Some times giant robots look like something that Wil E. Coyote bought to stop the roadrunner.

10-In the 50’s the computers were huge and you rarely ever to touch button. Which was convenient as scientists could have their hands free for important things like smoking.

I will toss in some positives. Despite the lack of events or cohesive script I still like Morrow and Lawrence and thought they worked well together. The few outdoor on locations scenes were nice. Although the robot is very low budget they tried to get decent angles of it and some worked out fine. I liked that Kronos landed in Mexico instead of the usual locations like New York or California (although I am guessing it was filmed in Cali).