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Phase IV

phase IV


Ten things I learned from this film.
1-Only wackos build metal domes out in the desert.
2-Metal domes out in the desert look kind of cool.
3-It’s okay to sacrifice hillbillies in the name of science.
4-Ants can evolve and go crazy on people.
5-Someone was brave enough to get close up footage of these psycho ants.
6-Spraying yellow toxins will kill all the people around but only some of the ants.
7-Psycho ants can eat a big old hole in you hand.
8-Ants love to eat wires and cause electrical mayhem for people.
9-If you let ants free because you want to study their craziness they will eventually come back and terminate you.
10-Psycho yet evolved ants want people to mate and evolve too.


I don’t get modern art either.

This is film about a crackpot and his assistant studying these dangerous ants. We get lots of footage of ants and plenty of narration. Several people die while the beardy scientist waits too long to try and defeat the ants. Two people one male and one female survive only because the ants want them to create a new society or something.


Next time lay off the beans, Sparky.

The negatives-The story is messy at times, but the highs outweigh the lows. The ants are more likable than most of the people in the film.

The positives-I like that we have ants being smart rather being just radioactive or nasty beasts which is what usually happened in 1970’s natural gone wild films. The cast was overall decent. There are some really great shots of the metal dome and the guys in their protective wear, those were fine images. I like that the ending wasn’t totally negative and gloomy.


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I have watched far too many horror and sc-fi shows in my life. Now I feel the need to share this wealth of knowledge and make others suffer.

7 responses to “Phase IV

  1. Smash

    Yeah, that metal dome out in the desert does sound cool. But nowadays you’d get shut down real fast because they’d think the ant study was a cover for a Breaking Bad style meth lab. I see what you mean about wackos…

  2. I really like Phase 4, there’s something quite creepy how the ants work in this. I also liked the bleak ending to the film, it worked really well. Just wondering, have you seen the film Bug? I remember that was quite good as well, old film, but some good creature effects.

    • I have not seen Bug, but know of it.

      • Yeah, Bug (1975) is a film where a small town suffers an earthquake, where an ancient species of cockroach-like bugs suddenly crawl up from the earth. These Bugs have the ability to burn and set fire to things and people. A scientist tries to study the creatures and stop the outbreak. Then he decides to cross this new breed with the ordinary cockroach, to try and find a way to kill them all. But this spawns another mutation, one that is even more intelligent and deadly….

      • Its quite good, has a similar theme with man vs nature ect. The effects are not that good, but there is a good horror element to the film, and the creatures the scientist “creates” to control the Bugs by crossbreeding them is rather chilling.

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