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A list with a long name

Five films I like better now than I did when I was a kid. In no real order.


I first saw this when I was maybe 12 and thought it was alright, but I think the slow pace didn’t click with me. I saw it a decade or slow later and loved the mood.


I was a diehard fan of the original Kong and wasn’t  huge on the 1976 film when I first saw it. In more recent years I recognize it as a decent attempt to update the story.


The original Nosferatu is a classic and one of the best vampire films ever. The 1979 version seemed so caught up in it’s artsy style or so I thought the first time I saw it. The next time I saw it years later it sunk in as a different interpretation, not better but a very strong attempt.


I saw Marooned on TV when I was maybe 11 and just getting into sci-fi films. I was expecting space adventure and was bored. Watching it in more recent years I see it as a space disaster-action flick trying to convey some of what was going on with space missions of the time.


As a huge Trek fan I was very much looking forward to this film. I found it dull, unoriginal and at times even tedious. I may be cheating a little here, but the director’s cut appealed to me more. The film is still far from great, but I have better grasp of what they were to do with it now. I still don’t like those pajama style uniforms though.


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I have watched far too many horror and sc-fi shows in my life. Now I feel the need to share this wealth of knowledge and make others suffer.

4 responses to “A list with a long name

  1. I’ve never seen the 1976 remake of Kong, but I love the original. I prefer the original Nosferatu though, that one is so iconic now. I’ve not seen Marooned but like you I quite like the Directors cut of Star Trek the Motion picture, it really brings a lot more to that film. Great list, enjoy your weekend :O)

  2. I got the same fealing from most of those V. Price/Corman gothic flicks. I didn’t apreciate them until I got older. I liked the 76 Kong but would never admit it because everyone said it sucked – it was nowhere near the epic of the original but it had some things I liked.

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