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Batrman66movie Batman_1966  Bat_bomb


After the first season of the series a theatrical movie was released. All the key people played their roles except Julie Newmar was already doing another project so Lee Meriweather was brought in to play the Catwoman.

The Joker, Catwoman, Riddler and the Penguin are out, free and ready to cause havoc in  a campy, low-budget kind of way. The villains plot various devious traps for the dynamic duo. They try missiles and that fails. So then Catwoman pretends to mIss Kitka a reporter from Russia who lures Bruce Wayne in with her charms. He falls for her of course. Meanwhile the fiends have also kidnapped the head of a distillery and taken his device which basically just dehydrates things. Wait, what do they want that for? Hold onto your capes there Mr. and Mrs. Impatient we’ll get to that. Bruce Wayne fights the baddies, Batman can’t get rid of a bomb, Alfred drive the Batmobile and Bruce/Bats still can’t figure out that Catwoman is miss Kitka. The Penguin tried to be someone else (Bats sees through this disguise) and Batman and Robin cause tome thugs to pop like bubbles and vanish POOF! The villainous four eventually take the Gotham equivalent of the United Nations and they suck the juice out of them, sweep up their powered remains and take off with the Dynamic Duo in pursuit. Evenutally this leads to a sea battle where the heroes cause the no-goodnicks to surface in their submarine and take part in fisticuffs. Of course good beats evil in front of a wrinkly backdrop. Although Batman is saddened when he realizes that Catwoman was Miss Kitka, oh the horrors of love or something like that. The caped crusader and his partner return the powered people dust to their chairs (after a sneezing incident) and add liquid but things are slightly off. Oh, well they are out of time so roll the credits.

I have seen this film at least 30 times. It’s a real hoot. You also need to hear the Adam West and Burt Ward commentary with it as well.

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