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Cheering for the monster

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I became a monster fan very early on. Although I like many monsters I discovered that there are some monsters you root for and some you don’t. Of course the writers manipulate us in those directions because they throw in parts if there us feel sorry for a monster. Oh, poor Kong he couldn’t help himself and it’s a shame he went falling to his death or poor gillman I hope he’s not dead and he comes back and terrorizes Florida, oh wait. That’s probably part of the reason why I don’t like vampire films that try to hard to romanticize the monster. This is a monster and he wants to suck your blood. Mad scientists are another one that’s hard to root for. Whether it was accidental or not you probably knew there was a chance that you would do something that would send you over the edge so I don’t feel sorry for you. However King Kong, the Gillman and others where people stumble upon them or even worse go after them then yeah I can root for them. Go monsters!

3 responses to “Cheering for the monster

  1. I don’t know, for me there is always something tragic about the monster. Perhaps it’s the fact that more often than not they are so singular and solitary – judged and feared by those unlike themselves. Perhaps I take the ‘walk a mile in my shoes’ maxim way too seriously. *heh*

  2. Frankenstein Monster at the end of The Bride of Frankenstein… tear jerker!

    • A lot of fans think that when Karloff stopped playing the monster that the character lost much of the emotional aspect that were in the first couple of films. That he just became a monster only in the later films when others took over the role.

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