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Meal and a movie: Starcrash and Veggie and stars soup


Veggie and stars soup

three stalks celery-chopped

two carrots, peeled and either shredded or chopped

one sweet small onion chopped

one pack button mushrooms chopped or sliced

one box stelline pasta

at least one box veggie broth (or whatever meat flavor you want) you may need a second box depending on how many people you are feeding

butter or oil for sauteeing

pan for sauteeing

one large pot

colender for draining pasta

spatula, stirring spoon, ladel

seasonings-I normally go simple-sea salt, black pepper and being from Maryland I have to throw in some Old Bay.

Put water in your pot, these noodles are small so you don’t need a huge amount. Get water boiling.

Meanwhile start your oil or butter in your pan over a medium to medium/high and add veggies. Keep them stirring around with the spatula.

Add your stelline to the water, keep an on them and stir them on occasion.

Get your veggies semi-soft and remove from heat. Set pan to the side

Taste your pasta to see if they are soft enough, if so then turn off the heat, drain them in the colender and pour the pasta back into the big pan. Set on an unheated burner, add veggies, broths and seasonings. Stir it up and put it back on the burner and set it for medium high. Heat until low boil, stirring occasionally. When it’s done, remove from heat, serve and watch…

star crash 320x240

Why this film? It has star in the title so that ties it in with the food plus it’s a crazy, screwball space opera that is more fun that Star Wars. Yeah, I said it. It has spaceship, robots, laser sword fights and all kinds junk crammed in. Plot isn’t so important, but it’s just such and enjoyable ride. So sit back and enjoy the film and the food.

4 responses to “Meal and a movie: Starcrash and Veggie and stars soup

  1. Well that sounds good, very tasty, and a great movie choice as well. Starcrash is one crazy movie, but a lot of fun!

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