Ten lessons I’ve learned from Hammer films

hammer intro


I’ve watched way too many films from Hammer studios and many of them I have seen numerous times. Here is a list of things that these films have taught me.

Don’t bring Dracula back to life no matter how cool you think it may be. It will only end in death

Don’t trust anyone named Frankenstein, they are up to no good.

Every third guy seems to be named Karl.

It’s okay to wear tacky wigs because almost everyone wears one.

If you go to a tavern there’s about an 8 out of 10 chance that Michael Ripper will be the bartender.

It may be a rubber bat on a visible strong but it can still kill you.

Even if you know it’s really daytime out someone else may be pretending that it’s really night time so just play nice and go along with it.

If a circus comes to town and people start being bumped off from strange bites on their necks then get out of town pronto because it’s vampires.

If young people are being killed off and then their bodies vanish well it must mean they are being turned into zombies by a local rich dude.

If the film is about over and you are in a castle or house then get out because it will catch on fire at the end of the movie.

burn dr

The too late show


As I’ve said on here before if I try to stay up past 11:30 particularly on Saturdays to watch a movie this is what happened. On Saturdays around 10:00 I hope to have the kids in bed and settle down to watch horror host Svengoolie showing an old horror film. Jasper the cat settles down with me too. However unless I’ve had an hour nap during the day this is what usually happens.

Poster posting-Cry of the Banshee



I know the pictures are not the best, but that’s on me not the posters. This is a poster of Cry of the Banshee starring Vince Price. An okay looking gothic horror about a werewolf like creature they try to pass off as a banshee. Overall it’s fairly average. However this poster is pretty cool. Very much a product of the early 1970’s with the colors and swirling image. I got this for $9 on Buy it now through eBay probably in 2002. It has some slight holes around the deep creases, but still well worth what I paid for it.